TUTORIAL: Recent Energy Efficient Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. Korhan Cengiz
Head of Electronics Department
Trakya University, 22030, Edirne, Turkey

Date and time: TBA

Duration: 45 min

Room: TBA

The tutorial is provided to ICUMT 2017 participants for free with the full registration fee.


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become an important part of our lives as they can be used in vast application areas from disaster relief to health care. As a consequence, the life span and the energy consumption of a WSN has become a challenging research area. According to the existing studies, instead of using direct transmission or multi-hop routing, clustering can significantly reduce the energy consumption of sensor nodes and can prolong the lifetime of a WSN. In this talk, novel algorithms for WSNs which are low energy fixed clustering algorithm (LEFCA) and multi-hop LEFCA (M-LEFCA) will be explained in details. Also, other new designed algorithms for WSNs will be discussed and future aspects in terms of energy-efficiency and lifetime maximization in WSNs will be evaluated.


Dr. Korhan Cengiz received his Ph. D. degree from department of electronics at Kadir Has University in 2016. He serves as reviewer and editorial board memberships of IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, IEEE Sensors Journal, Computer Networks etc. He has about 30 papers related with wireless communications and wireless sensor networks. He is now with the department of Trakya University and he works as head of electronics department. His research interests are: wireless sensor networks, wireless communications, 5G networks, SDNs and Spatial Modulation.

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